Yifan Xing



Act It Out! p​rovides user with a social media platform to show their acting talent as well as a place to strengthen friendship with their friends!

In A​ct It Out!​, user can choose a word, which might be a name of a song, a famous person, a movie or some other categories provided by the App. User is then asked to act it out and shoot a short video but the video would be muted upon completion. After the video is uploaded, user can share it with his friend in A​ct It Out!, facebook or other social media platforms. At the same time, user's friends are able to view the footage and guess what is the word!

Feature Highlights:

Although similar applications including “Draw Something” and “Instagram” does exist, the idea of A​ct It Out! remains new and unique. Currently, there is no existing social network which provide people with a “mute acting/ guessing” experience. A​ct It Out! involves contribution from both the actor and the guesser, which makes a post more interactive than anything else.

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