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QUIRREL is a Custom Sales Intelligence to help SMEs in Singapore to look for the right business leads. It is a Chrome Extension with a background procedure for crawling and matching the possible leads profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn. Document Similarity algorithms are applied after the detailed profiles are crawled from both Facebook and LinkedIn. Additional features are present. For example, user can drag and drop a list of lead names/positions to search for and the extension will just send out the batch processing and return the detailed information of the leads when the crawling and profile matching is done. The whole application is based on pure javascript with Angular.js as an assisting framework.

Crawling of lead profiles on LinkedIn and FaceBookMatching

A final profile matching algorithm based on Document Similarity is used to verify the business leads found

Additioal Features:
Drag and Drop a .csv file containing multiple names, separated by commas, into the window. e.g. "Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, ..." Quirrel will return a csv file with information

Some Interesting Discoveries: 'Action Blocked' for the email search on Facebook and it appears after merely 91 times of searching. Thus, instead of exact lead's email searching, name searching is required which later rely's on the profile matching procedure to produce the correct business leads.